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Mathematical Thinking for GCSE

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Bookings now open for 2021/22

The key aim of this programme is to support teachers in developing their understanding of mathematical thinking as it relates to problem-solving and reasoning, using practical task types to explore what it means for students to get better at mathematical thinking, and what this looks like in the classroom.

Exam boards often note that, when students come to GCSE exams, AO2 and AO3 are frequently poorly addressed. Through collaborative professional development, this programme will help teachers become better equipped to help all students develop their mathematical thinking.

By getting involved, participants will:

  • increase their experience and understanding of the role of reasoning and problem-solving in the curriculum
  • understand how these are tested at GCSE
  • understand effective collaborative approaches to embed developments department-wide
  • demonstrate improved confidence in planning and leading lessons that support deep mathematical thinking
  • consider next steps for further deepening, developing and reviewing mathematical thinking

Who can apply?

KS4 teachers who want to further develop their pedagogical and theoretical understanding of developing mathematical thinking, and practical classroom strategies to explore these ideas.

What is the cost?

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme and is therefore free to all participants.


2022-23 dates will be confirmed soon