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North West One Maths Hub is one of a network of 40 Maths Hubs in England, working together within the Maths Hubs Programme, which began in 2014. The programme is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

Professional Development

We run a series of nationally co-ordinated and accredited professional development projects for anyone involved in the teaching of maths. All CPD within the Maths Hub programme is delivered using a Work Group model devised by the NCETM. It is a unique form of professional development across each school phase, which differs from a one-off course.

Teaching for Mastery

Deep, Secure, Long-Term, Adaptable Comprehension

The phrase ‘teaching for mastery’ describes the elements of classroom practice and school organisation that combine to give pupils the best chances of mastering maths. 

Mastering maths means pupils acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.

Upcoming Events

MR 5 catalysts for change

Mastery Readiness Work Groups

APPLY NOW FOR OUR 2021/22 PROGRAMME – scroll down and click ‘Apply Now’ This programme is for schools who have a commitment to developing a whole school approach to teaching for mastery.  If your school would like to start the mastery journey, please apply for our Mastery Readiness Work Groups…

Primary Teaching for Mastery Sustaining Work Groups

APPLY NOW FOR OUR 2021/22 PROGRAMME – scroll down and click ‘Apply Now’ The ‘sustaining’ phase of Teaching for Mastery is designed to offer FREE support to schools who have previously completed the Teaching for Mastery Programme working with a Mastery Specialist in 2016/17, 2017/18 or 2018/19, and are based…
sktm amy

Primary Teacher Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Maths (SKTM)

BOOKING NOW OPEN FOR 2021/22 – Please apply below to secure your place. Dates will be forwarded as soon as they are available.  This 5-day programme is designed to support primary teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, therefore enabling them to better understand, teach and support pupils in…


Just some of the fantastic feedback we receive from our teachers

Since going into special measures in 2013, Kentmere Academy and Nursery have been working with Simon Mazumder and NW1 Maths Hub to source training and resources.  In 2018 we received outstanding from OFSTED and the teaching of mathematics was deemed a notable strength.  We value the work of NW1 Maths Hub in our school and can’t thank you enough.”

Sarah Isberg, Head teacher, Kentmere Academy and Nursery, Rochdale

The training and opportunities provided by NW1 Maths Hub have helped our school to improve our teaching of mathematics through high-quality CPD. The impact of this CPD can be seen across the school; our teachers have strong subject knowledge and we have a school culture of teachers as learners. Children love maths at our school and our end of Key Stage results are consistently in the top 10% of schools nationally.”

Phil Brooke, Head teacher, Alexandra Park Primary, Stockport

The diagnostics: assessing and addressing children’s difficulties with mathematics programme was really useful.  Precision diagnostics will help us unpick children’s misconceptions as well as understand the next steps to address those issues.  Another fantastic CPD opportunity from NW1 Maths Hub – thank you!”

Louise Wilde, Maths lead, Mayfield Primary School, Oldham

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