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Meet the team

Imogen Furlong

Maths Hub Lead in Early Years and Primary

Imogen is NW1 Maths Hub Lead with a focus on the Early Years and Primary phases. She has been an Assistant Maths Hub Lead for NW1 for a number of years after working for NW1 as a Teaching for Mastery Specialist. She trained with the first cohort of Teaching for Mastery Specialists in 2016. Imogen has over 20 years teaching experience and has been maths subject leader in multiple settings. Imogen is passionate about raising the standard of maths education in our region ensuring equity in the quality of education for all pupils. Meeting the needs of our community and ensuring that NW1 offer high-quality, collaborative Professional Development is her key priority.

Alison Heathcock

Maths Hub Lead in Secondary and Post 16

Alison is NW1 Maths Lead with a focus on Secondary and Post 16 phases. She has thirty years of experience within the education sector, working in a range of secondary schools including 10 years as Head of Department at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls where she still teaches. She has been Assistant Maths Hub Lead for NW1 for several years and is an elected member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Following Secondary Mastery Specialist training in NCETM Cohort 1 and as a trained instructional and leadership coach Alison supports colleagues working in schools across the NW1 region to implement mastery into their curriculum.

Alison is passionate about continuing the role of the Maths Hub in leading improvement in maths education across England. Her key priority is to bring together mathematics education professionals in a collaborative network to develop and spread excellent practice for the benefit of all pupils and students.

Jayne Carmichael

Maths Hub Senior Leadership Link

Jayne is the Deputy Director of Bright Futures Teaching School Hubs. As the Deputy Director of Bright Futures Teaching School Hubs Jayne is the strategic lead for National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) and Early Career Framework (ECF) across the Bright Futures Teaching School Hub areas.

Jayne’s teaching and leadership experience spans a 25-year career within the education sector across a variety of roles and responsibilities. She has over 20 years of teaching experience having held school-based senior leadership posts as well as a trust-level executive leadership posts. Jayne’s particular areas of expertise lie within teaching and learning as well as professional development.

Dianne Ellithorn

Assistant Maths Hub Lead in Primary

Dianne is a Deputy Headteacher at a primary school in Radcliffe, Bury. Dianne has worked in Bury schools for her entire teaching career of over 20 years. She has always been passionate about teaching and learning, and has had a love of maths since her own high school days. Through the Maths Hub, Dianne has had amazing opportunities for professional development, including going to Shanghai on the teacher exchange.

Dianne is an EYFS and Primary accredited PD lead, and has completed the SLE development programme. She has supported different work groups over the years in both EYFS and Primary phases, and has always loved being able to work with colleagues in lots of different settings.

Ben Tudor

Assistant Maths Hub Lead in Primary

Ben moved to Manchester in 2011 to Manley Park Primary School, where he currently works as a Deputy Headteacher. Since moving to Manley Park, Ben has worked with a number of schools (both primary and secondary) as an SLE, in addition to working with NW1 Maths Hub. Ben has worked as a Teaching for Mastery Specialist for the last four years, and has now been appointed an Assistant Maths Hub Lead.

Mike Thompson

Post 16 Lead

Mike is an SLE, Maths teacher and post holder with responsibility for assessment within the Maths department at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. He has experience of teaching A level Maths and Core Maths. Mike has also successfully ran the GCSE Challenging Topics Work Group prior to his work in Post 16.

Marisa Bartoli

Assistant Maths Hub Lead in Secondary

Marisa joined CHHS in 2001 as an assistant KS3 coordinator for Mathematics. She has since covered several roles including that of Subject Leader for Maths (leading the department through the latest two outstanding Ofsted inspections for the school) and is now the Director of Mathematics for the Laurus Trust.

She is a Maths SLE and has lead on several school improvement projects (KS1-5). She has an extensive experience as subject mentor and is responsible for the maths pedagogy for the SCITT programme at the Altius Alliance. Marisa is a mastery lead for the NW1 Hub and currently supporting MMU to deliver the training around RME project funded by the EEF.

Liz Wright

Maths Hub Project Manager

Liz joined the Maths Hub in September 2019 having previously worked at one of the ‘Big Four’ professional financial services firms in a project management role on UK and international external audits.

As part of the Maths Hub Administration team, Liz is responsible for the co-ordination of the Maths Hub programmes, with a particular focus on finance and data. Liz oversees our financial reporting, and plays a key role in managing Maths Hub budgets, along with day to day co-ordination of our programmes and events.

Roz Harrison

Maths Hub Coordinator

Roz joined the NW1 Maths Hub in January 2022, having worked internally at the Alliance for Learning for 3 years as the CPD Coordinator.

Prior to working within the Bright Futures Development Network, Roz worked as a Teaching Assistant in a range of independent and inner city schools, and worked as a school administrator and secretary. This combination of internal experience, along with being classroom based, brings a good understanding of the day to day challenges and responsibilities teachers have.

As part of the Maths Hub Coordination team, Roz is responsible for the coordination of the Maths Hub programmes, with a particular focus on marketing, social media and communications.