Members of staff

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson Level 3 Lead Mike is an SLE, Maths teacher and post holder with responsibility for the data and intervention within the maths department… Read More »Mike Thompson

Marisa Bartoli

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Marisa Bartoli Assistant Maths Hub Lead in Secondary Marisa joined CHHS in 2001 as an assistant KS3 coordinator for Mathematics. She has since covered several… Read More »Marisa Bartoli

Neil Kelsall

Neil Kelsall Assistant Maths Hub Lead – Primary Coordinator Oldham & Rochdale Neil originally trained in secondary mathematics before transitioning into primary where he now… Read More »Neil Kelsall

Imogen Furlong

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Imogen Furlong Assistant Maths Hub Lead in Primary Imogen has helped to drive change through implementing Teaching for Mastery and has worked with a number… Read More »Imogen Furlong

Liz Wright

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Liz Wright Maths Hub Administrator Liz joined the Maths Hub in September 2019 having previously worked at one of the ‘Big Four’ professional financial services… Read More »Liz Wright

Kate Griffin

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Kate Griffin Maths Hub Administrator Kate joined the Maths Hub in October 2019 having worked for over 9 years in primary schools, providing class room… Read More »Kate Griffin

Stephanie Gill

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Stephanie Gill Maths Hub Senior Leadership Link Stephanie is Principal at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, a first cohort Teaching School and part of the… Read More »Stephanie Gill

Simon Mazumder

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Simon Mazumder Maths Hub Lead Simon joined AGGS in 2006 working as Head of Maths (now one of the top 3 outstanding Maths departments nationally),… Read More »Simon Mazumder