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Key Stage 2 Mastering Number

Following the launch of Mastering Number at Key Stage 2 programme, we are delighted to announce that it is running again and we are recruiting schools to take part!

As outlined by the DfE, there is quite a specific recruitment criteria as follows:


Please only apply for this programme if your school/ setting is eligible for Mastering Number Key Stage 2 and fits the following criteria:


1. Your school is currently in either the Embedding or Sustaining phase of Teaching for Mastery and will be committing to the Sustaining Phase of Teaching for Mastery in 2024-25.

2. Your school has embedded Mastering Number in Reception and Key Stage One by engaging at both hub and national level in the appropriate ways; therefore implementing Mastering Number with fidelity.

3. Your school will continue to embed and sustain Mastering Number in Reception and Key Stage One and engage with the Maths Hub for any relevant training to ensure your school continues to effectively embed and deliver Mastering Number with fidelity.

4. Mastering Number forms the main focus for the Number element of the curriculum in Reception.

NB: Junior schools can apply and are exempt from points 2 – 4.


If your school is eligible to participate, please sign up via this link: Key Stage 2 Mastering Number Application Form