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Diagnostic Interviews & Interventions

PLEASE BOOK BELOW FOR 14th MAY & 18th JUNE     1.15-3.15pm

Never before has it been so critical to identify, assess and address children’s difficulties with mathematics.

Aimed at supporting the implementation and progression of a mastery curriculum, this diagnostic approach (developed in New Zealand) is based on interview techniques and a structure of conceptual development. It will support practitioners in their understanding of the strategies to support learners in mathematics.

This fully funded programme is aimed at KS2 primary teachers, maths subject leaders and SENCOs.

The diagnostics interview programme was primarily developed for children who are struggling with maths and is therefore relevant for both KS1 and KS2.  However, Adam Gifford, the course facilitator suggests that the interview works best from the end of year 2 onwards and isn’t recommended for reception or year 1.

This programme consists of 2 online sessions and you will be required to attend both:

Friday 14th May 1.15-3.15

Friday 18th June  1.15-3.15

The following areas will be covered:

  • Understanding the stages of the diagnostic interview for assessing children’s difficulties with maths
  • Developing an understanding of counting and part-whole approaches
  • Understanding the differences between mathematical knowledge and mathematical strategies
  • Practice – looking at a series of example interviews


Feedback from participants on the 2019/2020 programme:

“The whole course was engaging, interesting and really useful. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my maths team and implementing the Diagnostic tool in school next year.” – Kate Wilson, Deeplish Primary Academy

“I really enjoyed the whole course. I found it interesting and thought-provoking as well as it providing me with a really useful diagnostic tool. Adam was very engaging too.”Karen Burman, Smithy Bridge Primary School