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Primary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups

This programme is now fully booked for 2024 – 25. Please e-mail us at for further information.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers to develop best practice in maths within their school.

The Development phase is intended for schools that are already committed to using teaching for mastery approaches for primary maths.

Each Work Group will be led by one of our Mastery Specialists and will involve six or seven primary schools. During the year, they will work closely together to introduce and develop approaches to teaching for mastery.

If you would like to discuss which stage of the mastery programme is best suited to your school, please contact us at:

The Work Group activity will include:

  • Each school identifying two teachers to lead developments within their school
  • The two teachers working together with the Mastery Specialist and teachers from the other Work Group schools in regular Teacher Research Group (TRG) style meetings and through an online community
  • Each school receiving a termly support visit from the Mastery Specialist to observe teaching, support in-school TRGs, and work with the lead teachers and headteacher in developing an action plan for the school
  • The head teacher working with the Mastery Specialist and other members of the Maths Hub’s leadership team to develop whole school policies and structures to support teaching for mastery
  • The lead teachers, supported by the headteacher, working with colleagues to develop teaching for mastery approaches in the classroom, supported by professional development activity including Teacher Research Group methods
  • Following the first year, schools are expected to continue being part of the Work Group to firstly embed and then sustain a teaching for mastery approach across the whole school. These follow-on Work Groups will usually be led by the Mastery Specialist and will be supported by the Maths Hub to continue to work as a collaborative group that supports schools in their development of teaching for mastery.

Benefits of participating:

  • High quality support for teacher professional development for the lead teachers, facilitated by the Mastery Specialist
  • Support for the headteacher in addressing leadership issues related to teaching for mastery from the Mastery Specialist and the Maths Hub’s leadership
  • Opportunity to work closely with other schools also developing teaching for mastery
  • No charge for participation and a grant of £1000 to help subsidise teacher release time

This programme is now fully booked for 2024 – 25. Please e-mail us at for further information.