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Key Stage 4 to 5 Coherence

This is a Research and Innovation Work Group aiming to meet a need found locally.

Why this?

Teachers and students know the transition to Post 16 Maths is challenging. We want to host collaboration that will make a difference so that students succeed!

What is our approach?

A group of teachers from different phases meeting to develop strategies to help teachers support their students’ transition to Post 16 Maths. This is the magic sauce- we don’t want to just think about what we do once we have our students on a Post 16 course- we want to work together across the phases to prepare them well and support them once they’re there. Among other things, a key focus will be producing diagnostic tasks for A-Level Maths (think Year 7 Checkpoints if that means anything to you!) that can be used both before and after transition. That way, we’ll have something to make sure our students have the required knowledge for each topic and we’ll develop our own knowledge of how to best prepare our GCSE students for A-Level and what and how they’re learning before they get to us for A-Level.

Where and when is it?

We’ll meet face to face in central Manchester. The sessions will take place at Connell Co-op College, 301 Alan Turing Way, Beswick, Manchester, M11 3BS.

Day 1: Tuesday 5th December, 9:30am – 3:15pm
Day 2: Local group lesson study and observations. Venues and arrangements will be confirmed following Session 1.
Day 3: Wednesday 20th March, 9:30am – 3:15pm

Is it for me?


Do you want to experience maths teaching beyond GCSE?

Do you want to examine teaching approaches prior to A-Level?

Do you want to give your students the best opportunity for success in maths?

Wherever you teach, this is for you! You might even want to speak to your local 11-16 feeder or college and come together!

All of our Post 16 programmes are run jointly with Turing NW Maths Hub (