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Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Maths – Secondary Early Career Teachers

This project is designed to support secondary early career teachers (teachers in their first two years of teaching) in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support students in maths in the classroom.

Participants will work deeply on one area of maths, drawing in the associated pedagogy, and activities will include lesson analysis and lesson design. This programme will take place across the equivalent of four days.

What will you learn?

Participants will:

  • plan and teach a carefully sequenced and coherent area of maths
  • appreciate the key ideas underpinning the area of maths being taught
  • understand key principles and approaches associated with teaching for mastery
  • understand approaches to assess students’ prior learning, so that learning sequences take this into account
  • make appropriate use of representations to expose the structure of the maths being taught

Through collaboration with colleagues, participants will plan and teach a carefully sequenced and coherent area of mathematics, by:

  • identifying essential concepts, knowledge, skills within the topic area and providing opportunity for all pupils to learn and master these critical components
  • ensuring pupils’ thinking is focused on key ideas within the topic area
  • evaluating and adapting existing resources to enable them to be used to meet the needs of pupils
  • being aware of common misconceptions and exploring ways of handling them to help pupils master important concepts

Who can apply?

This programme is designed for secondary early career teachers (those in their first or second year of teaching).

What is the cost?

This training is fully funded by the Maths Hubs programme and so is free to participating schools.


2022-23 dates will be confirmed soon.