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Primary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups

This programme is now fully booked for 2024 – 25. Please e-mail us at for further information.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers to develop best practice in maths within their school.

The Development phase is intended for schools that are already committed to using teaching for mastery approaches for primary maths.

Each Work Group will be led by one of our Mastery Specialists and will involve six or seven primary schools. During the year, they will work closely together to introduce and develop approaches to teaching for mastery.

If you would like to discuss which stage of the mastery programme is best suited to your school, please contact us at:

Mastery Readiness Work Groups

We are recruiting for this programme for 2024 – 25.

This programme is for schools who have a commitment to developing a whole school approach to teaching for mastery.  If your school would like to start the mastery journey, please apply for our Mastery Readiness Work Groups by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ below.

Your school will be part of a Work Group of up to 7 schools working together at workshops.  The Work Group is led by one of our experienced Mastery Readiness Leads. During the year, you will work closely together to develop subject and pedagogical knowledge, as well as supporting teaching, learning and leadership of maths across your school by looking at the Five Big Ideas of Mastery Readiness.

Primary Teaching for Mastery Sustaining Work Groups

We have made some exciting changes to Teaching for Mastery Sustaining for 2023 – 24!

The ‘sustaining’ phase of Teaching for Mastery is designed to offer FREE support to schools who have previously completed the Embedding phase of the Teaching for Mastery Programme working with a Mastery Specialist between 2016 – 2023, and are based in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale or Bury.

This is an ideal opportunity for schools who are looking to focus on the continued improvement, consistency and refinement of the mastery approach.  Workshops will be held online until face-to-face delivery can be safely resumed

Watch our video to find out more: