KS3/4 Problem Solving

The main focus of this popular Problem Solving Work Group, led by Marisa Bartoli, Director of Mathematics, Laurus Trust, is to develop a large region wide network of subject specialists.  Working together collaboratively, participants will develop pedagogy, resources and materials that help colleagues develop deeper mathematical understanding for their students. The aim of the group is to improve the teaching on mathematics in the local area, providing theoretical background and training to be able to take the ideas discussed further.

Each year the group has a different focus, and this year it is introducing and developing trigonometry at Years 7 & 8, using unit circles to develop ideas of Pythagoras, and algebraic representation.

Who can apply?

Participants should be secondary school teachers of GCSE Maths.

What is the cost?

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme and so is free to participating schools/colleges.


To be confirmed