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KS3/4 Problem Solving

The main focus of this popular Problem Solving Work Group, led by Marisa Bartoli, Director of Mathematics, Laurus Trust, is to develop a large region wide network of subject specialists.  Working together collaboratively, participants will develop pedagogy, resources and materials that help colleagues develop deeper mathematical understanding for their students. The aim of the group is to improve the teaching of mathematics in the local area, providing theoretical background and training to be able to take the ideas discussed further.

The group is intended to address the developmental needs of maths teachers in secondary schools while offering the opportunity to develop leadership skills. It also provides support for existing practitioners making decisions about the mathematics curriculum and how best to support pupil’s development under a cognitive load theory, existing discourse and the need to recover curriculum time lost under these unprecedent circumstances (Covid-19).

The focus for this academic year is to support the development of students’ problem solving skills “within a teaching for mastery (TfM) context”. This allows colleagues to see first-hand the benefits of being engaged in secondary TfM programs and also helps identify future Local Leaders of Mathematics (LLMEs) for NW1.

Who can apply?

Participants should be secondary school teachers of GCSE Maths.

What is the cost?

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme and so is free to participating schools/colleges.


27th January 4-5:30pm

3rd March 4-5:30pm

21st April 4-5:30pm

26th May 4-5:30pm

23rd June 4-5:30pm

11th July full day

Venue: Didsbury High School